Baltimore's Safe and Sound Campaign

The Safe and Sound Campaign is Baltimore's movement to improve conditions for children, youth and families.

People have come together from all over the city to make this a reality. They are standing up to say that conditions are unacceptable for too many of Baltimore's kids. And they are taking action to turn things around — so all children have the opportunity to be their best and have realistic expectations for a bright future.

Baltimore's Safe and Sound Campaign is made up of everyday people — thousands from all walks of life — who want to make sure our kids succeed. It is a Campaign with a clear vision and meaningful goals. And through its citywide strategies, it is working.

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2 East Read Street
3rd Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202

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    W S Coleman
  • Silhouette
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    Love this festival!
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    We are always inspired by the amazing talent on display at this festival. This is a fantastic festival.
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    Best of luck Bea, keep up the great work inspiring Baltimore's young artists!
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    Bea, best wishes on your continuing effort!!
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    Excellent program!
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    Bea, congratulations to you and your students on the 3rd annual!
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    What a fantastic idea! Good luck with the festival.
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    We need more STEM related programs to have an educated and employable future workforce. US doesn't make anything anymore, we only have our minds!
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    Go BHFF! Love you Bea!
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    Love it, awesome, keep it up!
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    This looks awesome.
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    Happy to support the start of more opportunities for Baltimore City youth!
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    I know the event will be fabulous!
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    all the best Bea....Debbie R
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    Good luck Dan!
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    The Safe and Sound Campaign leaves no stone unturned to make a measurable difference in the lives of Baltimore's Children and Families.