Blind Industries and Services of Maryland

Imagine your childhood without sight.

Now imagine that there was an organization founded specifically to equip you with the necessary life skills to enjoy life to the fullest.  

Blind Industries and Services of Maryland is that organization.  Established in 1908 by the Maryland General Assembly, BISM provides life changing training programs for blind and visually impaired individuals of all ages and seeks to positively transform the culture surrounding blindness.

BISM truly believes in the capabilities of all blind people - in addition to providing innovative training programs and services, BISM also offers a variety of employment opportunities for the blind and visually impaired.    


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3345 Washington Blvd
Baltimore, MD, 21227,

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    Thanks for all you do.
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    Dedicated to all the BISM associates involved in this program - Independence 101
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    In honor of my daughter-in-law who can do anything -- except drive and cut pineapples!!
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    Dedicated to Briley Pollard and Corbbmacc OConnor in honor of their upcoming wedding.
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