Center for Urban Families

The Center for Urban Families (CFUF) was founded in 1999 in order to provide parenting and workforce development services to low-income fathers. Central to CFUF’s mission is the belief that men—the most disconnected and underserved citizens in urban communities—who connect with women, their children, and the workplace are key to the restoration of stability and optimism.

CFUF provides services to low-income fathers who wish to accept the financial and emotional responsibilities of fatherhood; attitudinal-based employment training and placement services to both men and women through STRIVE Baltimore; support for low-income parents to be parenting partners or to form families; and training and support for STRIVE graduates to earn higher wages and pursue careers.

With roughly 1,500 individuals served annually, CFUF has since its founding facilitated more than 2,700 job placements, helping hundreds of fathers become better parents, guiding hundreds of couples to better nurture their children, and continuing to assist more than 3,500 STRIVE Baltimore program alumni. 

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2201 N. Monroe Street
Baltimore, MD 21210

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