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Baltimore Performance Kitchen is pleased to serve as fiscal agent for Autumn Leaves. Autumn Leaves is a Bruun Studios project; under the leadership of artist Peter Bruun, Bruun Studios provides multi-tiered art experiences for all. Baltimore Performance Kitchen is a kitchen for artists and audiences.
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625 Deepdene Road
Baltimore, MD 21210

Supported by 128 Donations:

  • Gayle C.
    I Gave $140
  • Carol H.
    To honor saying "YES"
  • Lola J.
    I Gave $49
    Sallah, affectionately known as "Miss Teacher", challenges us "The Seniors" to go for it, no matter what the challenge is, (We can do it).
  • Yvette L.
    From one "Leaf" to another!
  • Patricia S.
    I Gave $49
    Jazzed 2 be asked by Beth Frederick (Sycamore) & Don Palmer (Ash) 2 participate in this #IntentionalIntergenerationalWisdomSwap w/support.
  • David S.
    I Gave $140
    in honor of Bradley Rogers
  • jay w.
    I Gave $25
    mazel tov - another great peter bruun project! jay wsc
  • Alyssa S.
    I Gave $49
  • liz  l.
    from one leaf to the others!
  •  Stewart W.
    I Gave $140
    Stewart, Jim & Pulman
  • Karen S.
    I Gave $49
  • Martha J.
    I Gave $140
    In honor of Peter
  • erin m.
    I Gave $49
  • Sharen P.
  • Susan A.
    I Gave $100
  • Aaron H.
    I Gave $25
    What an incredible vision for bringing people together!
  • Silhouette
  • Deidre W.
    I Gave $20
    Bridging the generation gap with layers of communication and expression...a wonderful concept! Hope to attend in November!
  • Sonja C.
  • Joan G.
    I Gave $49
    "Plain and simple, art matters because it brings meaning to our lives - large, joyous and otherworldly" written by Peter Bruun. Thank you.
  • heide g.
    I Gave $20
    In appreciation of Peter Bruuns and Harriet Lynns inspirational work
  • Kathleen R.
    I Gave $70
    I like the age meld thing.
  • Stephen S.
    Good luck with your latest endeavor peter.
  • Zoë R.
    I Gave $20
  • Beth & Don F.
    I Gave $140
    We're giving more to get us closer to the goal.
  • Lois W.
    I Gave $25
    in support of two lives well lived: Beth Fredrick and Don Palmer
  • Silhouette
    I Gave $250
  • Jasmine N.
    I Gave $49
    With much love to Beth Fredrick and Don Palmer, who are warm and wise.
  • Silhouette
    I Gave $140
    With love from Ellen & Jim
  • JO T.
    Autumn Leaves. Connections. Inspiration. Reflection. Yep. This is a worthy project.