"Playworks has helped our students become more positive and encouraging to their peers during recess and game times." - Principal from Playworks partner school

Play provides an unparalleled opportunity to foster the physical, social and emotional development of our kids. Since 1996, as the only nonprofit that sends trained, full-time coaches to low-income, urban schools, Playworks has worked on-site engineering a powerful system of play that is making a daily difference where it is most needed. With energy and imagination, high fives and hula hoops, Playworks builds play and physical activity into a positive school environment.

Playworks focuses on five key areas: Recess time, leadership development, class game time, interscholastic/ developmental sports leagues, and out-of-school time programs. Together, work in these areas offer important life lessons which have significant impact on the classroom. Classroom teachers in schools that partner with Playworks report that they reclaim up to 36 hours of class time each year simply by providing fun and appealing organized recess that replaces drama and discipline problems with inclusive and engaging physical activity. Schools partnering with Playworks have found that they spend less time dealing with playground fights, discipline referrals and injuries.

Additionally, Playworks offers comprehensive training and technical support to schools, districts and communities that wish to bring safe, inclusive play to children. Playworks Training transports on-site experience into active, hands-on professional development for adults who wish to bring the principles, implementation and experience of safe, healthy and positive play to the children they serve.

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