Who is the "Corps"?

You are the Corps. You see the needs in your community; you engage, volunteer and give back already. But you constantly think to yourself that if you had 10, or 20, or 100 people just like you – so much more could be done. GiveCorps is an army of people who share your vision of a better world. We’re part of your community and believe in the same causes. We’re all right here and you can join us today.

GiveCorps members don’t just give money. We share new ideas, mobilize our social networks online and in the streets, and have skills in multimedia and marketing. We write, we are evangelists for our causes, and share our experiences online with friends and neighbors. We are everyday people, and we have the power to change the world. We hope you'll join us.

What We Believe

At GiveCorps, we believe that people are inherently good and giving.

We believe that when offered the chance to make a difference, you will. Our goal is to create opportunities for you to channel your passions into actionable change, locally and globally. GiveCorps wants to move you, together with your friends and neighbors, to ACT, GIVE and SHARE, to change your community through the collective impact of your actions and generosity.

Giving back should bring you joy and the warm glow of being someone who matters in your community. You have the power to change your world. We want to make it fun, easy and rewarding for you to find your way to make a difference, no matter how small or how often.

What You Can Do?

GiveCorps is an online community where you can discover new opportunities to make your mark on your world. Think of it as the hub for all of your giving activity. By combining technology with a big dose of passion, we’ll help you find causes that inspire you, translate your giving into tangible opportunities to make an impact, empower you to spread that good feeling to friends and neighbors, and then keep track of all the ways you have made a difference. We’ll help you to plan, track and even give the gift of giving through our exclusive tools like your GiveAccount, GiveVault and GiveCards.

Corps Rewards

Merchants want to do good for their communities too, just like you. By partnering with GiveCorps and offering you discounts they are able to connect with their socially conscious customers. Every time you give, you’ll have the option to receive a ‘goodie’. Download your goodie in the form of a printable coupon which you can use at a local civically minded merchant partner.

It really is as easy as you give something, you get something. There’s no catch, other than that we require you feel totally awesome about yourself afterwards.

GiveCorps.com Team

Meet your behind the scenes team at GiveCorps.com.


Jamie McDonald, CEO

Deutsche Bank, Alex. Brown, Managing Director. Co-head of Private Equity Coverage
Entrepreneur, Velocity, Started, built and sold new concept gym
Growth Strategy Consultant
Community Volunteer with particular passion for organizations addressing entrenched poverty


Tom Hoen, Chief Technology Officer

Deutsche Bank Alex. Brown, Vice President, Web development and Marketing
mdlogix Director of Development, Interim Director of Finance
Classroom Parent, llc, Founder
Johns Hopkins University, Director of Data Management
Community Volunteer with particular passion for organizations addressing workforce and the environment


Peter Jackson, Vice President of Merchant and Non-Profit Relationships

Lehr Jackson Associates, Commercial Retail Development and Urban Revitalization, Retail leasing and strategic planning
Gorman & Williams, Legal Assistant
Baltimore Development Corporation. West Side Initiative
Community Volunteer with particular passion for organizations addressing homelessness

Where This All Started

GiveCorps was founded by Jamie McDonald, a kid from inner-city Philly, turned investment banker, turned entrepreneur with a drive to change the world. After leaving corporate life behind, she had one of those in-the-shower moments where the kernel of the idea for GiveCorps was born. After watching the power of young people in the 2008 presidential election, and the rise of ‘local’ as a phenomenon with companies like Groupon, she was inspired to use technology to help connected citizens drive change in their communities. She was also motivated by the potential to put the power of the wealthy in the hands of everyday givers.

GiveCorps.com was finally born in 2011, combining philanthropy, community, activism and technology in a platform for change. New donors instantly became more invested in local causes as GiveCorps.com communicated with givers and connected communities across Baltimore. During its first year, GiveCorps has had a huge impact on local giving.

Since then, GiveCorps has learned from its Corps members – and focused on enriching their giving experience with donor-focused tools that make it easy for Corps members to discover, learn, and matter. And with services like GiveCorps Pro, large non-profits and organizations can tap into an audience that is literally waiting to stand behind their mission.


GiveCorp Foundation

GiveCorps Foundation exists to increase charitable giving by promoting local giving – connecting nonprofits and organizations to their local communities. It brings the ability to provide matching funds for donations made through giving campaigns, distributes funds to nonprofits based on your specific disbursement preferences, and most importantly seeks to lower the overall cost of raising funds for local nonprofits.

The GiveCorps Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity that stimulates online charitable giving through a marketing agreement with GiveCorps, Inc. doing business as GiveCorps.com to provide cost-effective donation processing and disbursement.

Whether you’re giving money or giving time – you’re still giving back with GiveCorps. If you learn one thing from us, don’t forget that you do not have to be rich to be a philanthropist.

Corporate Info

GiveCorps, Inc. (doing business as GiveCorps) is a for profit entity that operates the GiveCorps service on behalf of the GiveCorps Foundation and other nonprofits that use our services. You can learn more about GiveCorps and our solutions for nonprofits here.