Build Community through FREE Theatre Programs

Pathways to Theatre A Project of Pumpkin Theatre of Baltimore

Change a child’s life through theatre

“Pathways to the Theatre” introduces Baltimore’s young children to the benefits of theatre – building empathy, constructing strong morals and bringing joy to their lives through laughter. We take students with ages of 3 to 10 and provide a safe community for them to explore classic tales as well as new theatrical stories.

We go far beyond just providing the space and context too – as we give teachers who attend a study guide for each production’s theme – further encompassing the educational benefits for each student. The overall goal is to provide this valuable service to Baltimore youth for FREE – and we can do just that with your help.

We nominate you for BEST SUPPORTING role…

Last year we were lucky enough to receive funding for 1300 students to participate in our programs. This year, with your generous efforts we hope to double that – bringing our theatrical, cultural and education experience to 1,000 more Baltimore students. Just $5 pays for one student to attend, so it doesn’t take much!

$25 gives 5 children a ticket into the world of imagination & creativity
$100 sponsors 20 children’s access to our theatre

$470 Raised
9% towards $5,000 Goal

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    Theatre can be amazing! It can be ANYTHING you want it to be!
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    Jimi - this is for you - keep helping those kids get involved in something amazing!
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    Let's get these kids to the theater!
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    Great idea. Happy Birthday.
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    Happy Birthday, Jimi! Hope you (and Pumpkin) have another great year!
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    Let's send some kids to the Theater!