The Frozen Fight against Food Waste A Project of Gather Baltimore

Gather Baltimore reclaims literally tons of food from local markets, farms, and distributors and helps get it to the communities and organizations that need it most. Thanks to their efforts, food which would otherwise go to waste or be left to rot in the fields, is able to be served as part of nourishing meals and snacks in low-income communities and food pantries around Baltimore.

Thanks to the Corps' support, Gather Baltimore has been able to purchase walk-in refrigerators to help keep produce fresh for longer and expand their distribution. A comparable freezer will help them take the next step.

Fruits and veggies are bountiful during the warmer months, but they become more scarce during the fall and winter. New resources have also enabled provided Gather with an opportunity to begin to collect and distribute frozen meat and seafood.

Time to put it on ice

A freezer will enable Gather to store and distribute meat safely and provide our neighbors with protein to round out their meals. Additionally, by freeze-drying and flash-freezing the surplus bounty of produce during the summer months, Gather will also have a steady supply of nutritious fruits and veggies for those who need it when the mercury dips later in the year.

Your support will help Gather purchase their freezer and keep meat and produce out of landfills and compost heaps to instead feed our neighbors.

$651 Raised
13% towards $5,000 Goal

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