Celebrate 10 Years of Play for Maryland's Kids!

Bob Reagan (www.bemorephotography.org)

10th Anniversary Challenge A Project of Playworks

10 for 10 Anniversary Challenge!

Think back to your recess growing up! Remember the time when we could let loose from the pressures of the school day and stretch our legs and play with our friends and schoolmates? Many of us were able to develop friendships, build social skills and learn to interact with others in a positive way!

Sadly, this is NOT the experience that so many young students in Maryland are currently having. If schools have recess it is a short, and many times chaotic experience for our students, as well as a tough time for principals and teachers. In many cases we are asking only a few teachers to look after nearly a hundred students who have not learned the positive, supportive way to play with their peers. Te result - fear, anxiety and chaos on the school yard for many of our low-income schools.

Luckily, recess does not have to be this way! With your support, Playworks Maryland can continue to harness the power of play to give students the opportunity to be their best selves. Our fully-trained coaches facilitate healthy, inclusive play that moves kids off the sidelines and engages them in the action - taking advantage of the many teaching and learning opportunities inherent in recess and play!

Like the video seen here, we want our kids to feel like they have a place to belong, contribute and be a part of the game!

Thank you for believing in the Power of Play!

Thank you for joining Playworks to be part of the solution!

As we approach the last few weeks of the school year we are gaining momentum towards our 10th year in harnessing the power of play to bring out the best in every kid in our Playworks Maryland schools. Over the past nine years our collective efforts have helped create safe school climates with less bullying, more healthy play and more time for classroom learning.

To build momentum for our upcoming 10th anniversary year, we want to close out this year with a successful campaign to spring Playworks Maryland towards our exciting upcoming milestone!

I invite you to support our year-end 10 for 10 Appeal; a $10,000 Spring Board to our 10th Anniversary Challenge! Your generous gift of $50, $100, $250 or more will ensure that we can continue to harness the power of play for another 10 years! Our goal is to raise $10,000 by June 30th, will you help us get there?

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