Help them attain the dreams for their families that you have for yours.

Put Them Back to Work A Project of Center for Urban Families

Support the life-changing work of the Center for Urban Families

Our most vulnerable citizens have been the hardest hit in this recession.

Throughout Baltimore, there are men and women fighting against the tide of economic recession to work and provide for their families. By donating now, you will help CFUF in its work to provide families in Baltimore with the social and economic tools needed to become strong and to thrive.

Help to change the lives of your fellow Baltimoreans and put them on the path to dignity through work and self-sufficiency.

How can you help?

A donation of any amount will provide vital support to the men and women - and their familes - being served by CFUF. We appreciate your generosity.

Here are just a few ways you can help...

$5000 will support multi-career advancement services and continuing education for a graduate, with the goal of moving from entry level to living wage employment

$4000 will provide the STRIVE job readiness program, job placement services and follow-up for one year for 2 clients.

$3500 will provide an employment planning program for 6 weeks and unlimited ongoing counseling for a couple attempting to manage their limited resources

$2500 will provide the 10-week Certified Nursing Assistant classroom and clinical training, and ongoing placement services for a motivated unemployed Baltimorean.

$1000 will provide Financial Literacy counseling for 20 Alumni.

$500 will cover the cost of emergency needs for a client/family.

Together We Can Make It Happen! Here's How:
Career advancement for two graduates $10,000
The STRIVE program for 3 clients $12,000
CNA training for four clients $10,000
$6,895 Raised
21% towards $32,000 Goal

Supported by 22 Donations: