“Holy moly, there's so many people who need this food."

Raised so far out of $11,664
110% to our Goal!
Gather delivers healthy food to those who need it most

As an urban farmer, Arthur Gray Morgan was shocked by how much food was tossed away at the end of a farmer’s market.

Morgan thought, “Holy moly, there's so many people who need this food."

So he founded Gather Baltimore.

Now Morgan and a group of volunteers are bringing healthy food access to neighborhoods throughout Baltimore. They harvest fresh vegetables at local farms, pick up donations from grocery stores & produce distributors, and even collect unsold produce from various farmers markets. Once gathered, they transport and distribute all that healthy food to local food insecure communities in Baltimore City.

Gather Baltimore also partners with local organizations that historically had to pay retail price for the food that helps them meet their missions. Organizations like Moveable Feast, St Vincent De Paul's Beans and Bread, the Franciscan Center, and various churches that provide meals to people who need them most.

The need for this service is immense, so Morgan recently purchased a refrigerated food truck to scale up the program and increase their delivery schedule.

Gather Baltimore needs our help to pay off the loan and keep the truck on the road and making deliveries.

Recently, Gather delivered 4000 pounds of potatoes to Moveable Feast. Then, 4 tons of fresh vegetables days later. Imagine how many people benefited from this food? It wouldn't have happened without the truck or Gather Baltimore.

Every Sunday Gather Baltimore delivers fresh healthy food to the Oliver Farm Stand that is distributed to between 250-500 families in the food insecure neighborhood of Oliver. This weekly delivery alone contributes to over 3500 healthy meals per week!

These deliveries would not be possible without the new refrigerated truck.

How can you help?

Gather Baltimore delivers the food where it's needed the most. They get this food for free but need a reliable way to deliver to local communities and organizations.

Your gift of $64 can cover the cost for a whole day of deliveries, helping bring thousands of pounds of fresh healthy food that would otherwise be wasted to our neighbors in need.

Together we can make it happen. Here’s How!

  • Transportation cost for food deliveries for 1 month $1,944
  • Transportation cost for food deliveries for 1 month $1,944
  • Transportation cost for food deliveries for 1 month $1,944
  • Transportation cost for food deliveries for 1 month $1,944
  • Transportation cost for food deliveries for 1 month $1,944
  • Transportation cost for food deliveries for 1 month $1,944
  • With your help we raise $11,664

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    Each year, The Kraft and Stoddard families choose to donate in lieu of holiday gifts. It is an honor to support your worthy cause.
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    From Chris Merriam, on behalf of the Pepersack and Hackworth families, Christmas 2013.
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    From an old friend of Arthur's...what you are doing is AMAZING! Keep on giving back!
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    Anybody that is still using the term "Holy Moly" deserve a donation!
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    Congrats, Arthur!
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    This is a truly great organization! Thank you for all you do and please let me know what else I can do to help!
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    keep up the good work Arthur!
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    From your new friends at Laureate Education.
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    I wondered who would move the number over $11K. Almost there, Arthur. Thank you for all you do to help others.
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