Keep trash out of our Bay with the storm drain stencil project!

Paint Baltimore Blue! A Project of Blue Water Baltimore

Baltimore has a serious trash problem.

There is way too much of it in our streets and in our streams.  When it rains, everything on our streets flows into our storm drains and directly into our streams, Harbor, and the Chesapeake Bay.

Blue Water Baltimore is determined to teach people that our streets and storm drains are not trash cans!

The only growing source of pollution in the Chesapeake Bay is stormwater pollution.  And the more than 50,000 stormwater drains in Baltimore are the mouths to our waterways.

Blue Water Baltimore's storm drain stencil share program engages people of all ages in a creative activity with real benefit for our environment.

With the assistance of the Healthy Harbor Initiative and the Baltimore City Department of Public Works, the Blue Water Baltimore storm drain stencil share program includes an exciting variety of creature and slogan stencils, providing many ways for participants to educate the public about trash in our streets and help residents take action for clean water and clean neighborhoods.

Last year, more than 300 volunteers in 25 different community groups mobilized to complete storm drain stenciling and art projects on 289 drains around the city.

With our help, Blue Water Baltimore can continue the stencil program in 2013 and keep more trash out of our waterways.

How can you help?

Last year, Blue Water Baltimore trained 77 new project leaders who are still making a difference in their neighborhoods.

A fully funded program for 2013 will allow us to continue building on that success!

Your gift will provide training and materials so that Blue Water Baltimore can reach even more communities across the city this year.

Together We Can Make It Happen! Here's How:
AmeriCorps Coordinator $4,600
Training supplies $300
Outreach materials $400
New! Stencil Design Competition $400
Celebration for program participants $400
$3,723 Raised
61% towards $6,100 Goal

Supported by 95 Donations: