Channel students' creative energy through rhythm & songwriting

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Kenny Liner, of Baltimore's The Bridge, believes strongly in the power of music to affect change.

So he founded Believe in Music, a new Living Classrooms program that uplifts underprivileged Baltimore City students academically, culturally, and spiritually, while promoting self-expression and community awareness through music education.

Through the program, students connect with music in their own lives, and gain the tools to express their culture, struggles, and triumphs through music. And they are constantly exposed to rhythm and movement - literally learning by direct experience, as Living Classrooms calls "learning by doing".

With budget cuts in the schools and less funding to buy instruments and equipment, Believe in Music finds music everywhere they look.  Their newest project will teach the foundations of percussion using buckets, trash cans and duct work - instruments that are a fraction of the price of traditional drumline instruments.

Let's help Believe in Music create a musical outlet for 85 City students - sharing the power of music.

How can you help?

Believe in Music knows that students will come away from the program seeing music as a way to uplift themselves as well as their community.  Let's make it happen.

Your gift of $10 will buy one trash can

Your gift of $30 will buy a bucket

Your gift of $40 will buy ten pairs of drumsticks

Thanks to your help the Believe in Music bucket band reached their goal! Every additional dollar will help provide their students with new microphones, headphones and cables to continue their music-making exploration in the studio.

Together we can make it happen. Here’s How!

  • 100 buckets $300
  • 10 trash cans $100
  • 150 pairs of drumsticks $600
  • Duct work $200
  • Additional percussion instruments $500
  • New microphones $400
  • Headphones $500
  • Studio cables $100
  • With your help we raise $2,700

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