Together We Can Save These Neglected Animals

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These animals deserve to live - you can help.

Have you ever wondered what happens to Thoroughbreds and work horses after they've outlived their usefulness? It's not a pretty story. Thankfully, there are organizations like Peaceable Farm, working to save as many of these precious animals as possible.

At Peaceable Farm, it's our passion and mission to rescue animals from unnecessary harm and cruelty and find them loving forever homes!

Take our friend Joy for example. Joy is a 10 year old registered Quarter Horse mare who, despite being perfectly healthy and physically sound, found herself in the kill-pen of the New Holland Animal Auction.

"We paid over $500 just to outbid the kill-buyers, then brought this lovely girl back to our farm so she could live out her retirement in peace and dignity."

Unfortunately, good-will is not enough to keep our farm up and running - that’s where you come in.

Your gift allows us to rescue these amazing animals, such as Joy, and provide them with the care they deserve.

Every year, on average, it costs $6,000 or more to support each horse, donkey and mule on our farm; and today, we are currently taking care of more than 100 of them! You do the math.

YOU can help us raise the funds to care for these wonderful animals and provide them with the life they deserve.

How can you help?

It costs $6,000/year to meet all of the basic needs for one rescued horse. Help us raise enough funds to care for one of these wonderful animals.

Every dollar counts! You CAN make a difference!

Your gift of $50 will fund a veterinary health exam for a beautiful rescue horse

Your gift of $100 will fund a blanket to keep a beautiful race horse warm this winter

Your gift of $250 will feed one beautiful rescue horse for one month

Your gift of $500 will completely support one beautiful rescue horse for one month

Your gift of $1000 will completely support one beautiful rescue horse for two months

Together We Can Make It Happen! Here's How:
Food, water, shelter, and veterinary, foot and dental care for one rescue horse for a year $6,000
$5,035 Raised
83% towards $6,000 Goal

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