Exploring Nature Beyond Your Backyard

Field Trips to Ladew A Project of Ladew Gardens

Support a Baltimore City child's trip to Ladew!

Ladew Gardens brings over 2,000 children from Baltimore and the surrounding counties each year through the field trip programs. We'd like to bring more! Children learn about nature and the importance of their environment while enjoying a day outside of the classroom in a beautiful setting. 33% of our children are from Title 1 Schools. Please support Children's Education Programming at Ladew -- a great alternative to the variety of "screens" that occupy our children's lives.

How can you help?

$25 - covers the cost of planting seeds with 100 children

$50 - covers the admission fees for 10 children

$100 – covers lunch for 50 children

$300 – covers transporting 1 bus of 50 children to and from Ladew

$300 Raised
3% towards $10,000 Goal

Supported by 5 Donations: